All of my custom orders are done by hand, so each order is unique! Pricing for sugar cookies depends on the level of detail and number of colors and images. Below is a general guideline for how I break up my pricing into categories. Please email me for pricing.

I offer traditional Vanilla Sugar Cookies with Lemon Royal Icing. I use fresh ingredients and everything is made from scratch. Please see my FAQ page for allergens and specialty requests. 

Please email me for pricing quotes on all cookie orders



Semi-customizable theme set.

Pick colors, general esthetic and add details like names and dates.

Perfect for showers, holidays and weddings.


Personalized Theme

A detailed theme set created just for you.

This can include favorite things, specific images, branding, full color palette.

Customer provides details, website, or social medai account for me to design off of.


Character theme

Theme set created from a book, show, movie etc.

These are detailed and contain many colors.

Generally a mix of medium and large cookies that fit within the theme.

THe cookie cake topper

Take any cake to the next level with an adorable affordable edible cake topper!

The Cookie Cake Topper allows you to make or purchase any cake you like, and add

a themed cookie topper to bring it to life.